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Dear Members of the Trinity Community,

As the 2021 academic year comes to a close, we take this opportunity to thank all students, teachers, parents and families for their continued support and cooperation. Six weeks of online learning, consistent disruption and changes to routine, compliance with a range of restrictions on how we operate and very difficult events within our community make 2021 a year few of us will ever forget. The resilience of our students, staff and families has been first-class.

We wish you all a wonderfully holy, healthy and happy Christmas and New Year period. May you all return refreshed and ready for a new year of learning, growing and becoming at Trinity. 2022 will be an exciting year for Learning & Teaching at Trinity as we develop our school-wide pedagogy framework as part of the IDEAS Project and build on our Vision for Learning:


Trinity Catholic College Lismore vision for learning – ‘Learning with the Heart, Lighting up the Future’ – builds upon the dynamic and rich history of Presentation and Marist education in Northern New South Wales. Nano Nagle, an audacious educator, teaches us to shine a light on the possibilities of the future whilst Marcellin Champagnat’s words - to be of strong mind and gentle heart - continue to provide daily inspiration and purpose to learning and becoming at Trinity. In partnership with families and the community, Trinity educates students to be global citizens who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and character to light their own path to the future. Inspired by Gospel values, students learn to meet future challenges with a strong sense of social awareness, civic responsibility and commitment to personal excellence. Trinity Catholic College enables students to achieve the fullness of life by ‘Learning with the Heart and Lighting up the Future.’

The words and symbols that accompany Trinity’s Vision for Learning reflect its Christ-centred approach and the depth and breadth of its dual charisms, in addition to its core commitments as a learning community. The Lantern references our desire to continue Nano’s work in the 21st century: to be a beacon of light in our community, to illuminate the potential of each learner and to encourage our students to let their light shine in the world, particularly in the darkest of recesses. The Heart dominates the central chamber of the Lantern. The burning heart represents a call for all learners to be of strong mind and gentle heart. Each member of the Trinity community has their name placed within the heart to reflect the tradition established by Marcellin Champagnat of dedicating all to the protection of Mary, our Good Mother. The rays of light emanating from the Lantern reminds us of the importance of looking to the future and the world beyond Trinity. The language used intentionally places learning at the centre of our vision, but preferences learning that is borne out of a heart filled with compassion, love and dignity for all - just as Jesus taught us. Trinity’s vision for learning is future-focused: it calls all learners to light their own path to the future and therefore serve as a beacon of light in the world.


HSC Results & Release of ATARs
Due to the delayed HSC, results and ATARs will not be released until the dates below in January 2022. The College receives all HSC results but not ATARs. Students are asked to forward their ATARs to

Year 7-10 Semester 2 Reports are now available on Lighthouse for Parents, so too the Year 11 Interim Reports. See the infographic below if you require support to login to Lighthouse.

Changes to the Learning Team in 2022
We extend our best wishes to our Leader of Learning PDHPE & Sport, Mr Michael Davies, who is taking leave in 2022. We thank him for his leadership of the PDHPE KLA for many years. In his absence, the PDHPE KLA will be capably led by Mr Tony Flood. In addition, we express our gratitude to Mrs Sheila Martineau, Leader of Learning - Science, who finishes her tenure this year. Sheila’s legacy as Science Leader, among other things, is her capacity to grow the number of students studying a broad range of courses in Stage 6. We congratulate Sheila on her efforts and welcome Ms Katie McCloskey as the new Leader of Learning for Science. We also wish to acknowledge the work of Mrs Robyn Schober in her capacity as Acting Leader of Learning English. Thank you, Robyn, for your contribution to the Learning Team and your leadership of the English KLA between Term 4 2020 - Term 3 2021. Mr Lovett is also to be acknowledged for his time as Acting Leader of Learning Mathematics in 2021.

Mr Jesse Smith - Assistant Principal - Learning & Teaching

Ms Alison Unwin - Director of Curriculum

Mr Travis Lyon - Director of Pedagogy